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BI & DWH Services

  • Improved efficiency of process management and decision making;
  • Optimized costs for data management;
  • Data mobility, maintainability, and scalability;
  • Reduced organizational risks.

Consulting & Assessment

  • Analysis of an existing BI system and its BI readiness assessment;
  • Measuring effectiveness of existing data management, analyzing data sources, and data quality;
  • Recommendations on the most suitable on-premise or cloud-based BI strategy with further estimation of implementation costs;
  • Assistance with the selection of BI platform that matches your business objectives.

Architecture & Design

  • Planning of BI architecture design, its implementation and customization;
  • Elaborating high-level design of Data Warehouse and technical architecture design;
  • Low-level design of ETL, OLAP data modelling and reporting, dashboard design;
  • Dimensional modeling, logical and physical modeling, data integration, data cleansing.
  • Utilizing domain-specific industry models to align with the best practices.

Data Warehouse & ETL Development

  • Structured and unstructured data sources integration;
  • Data quality and metadata management;
  • ETL analysis, design, development, and performance optimization;
  • Development and implementation of Data Warehouse structures, Data Marts, and metadata layers.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Professional data visualization and dashboard design for rapid scanability, precision, and clarity;
  • Enabling ad-hoc analysis and self-service reporting, interactive reporting including data drilling, filtering, and sorting;
  • Development of cloud-based reporting solutions to ensure better mobility and round-the-clock access to analytics.

Application Management & Operations

  • Round-the-clock application maintenance, support, and troubleshooting;
  • Real-time provisioning and performance monitoring, testing, and optimization;
  • Version upgrades and enhancements, recovery management.

Big Data Services

  • Scalable processing of large amounts of data, enhancing its accuracy, quality, governance, and variability;
  • Data Warehouse optimization due to the growing volume and velocity of Big Data;
  • Real-time streaming analytics;
  • Increased availability of resources and higher cost savings.


  • A detailed review of existing BI system and business requirements;
  • Professional suggestions on the most appropriate architecture design and technology stack;
  • Expert insights on Data Lake implementation for storing structured, unstructured, semi-structured, and raw data.

Architecture & Design

  • Designing your big data solution to make it scalable on demand;
  • Development, automated testing and deployment of your ready-to-use solution on premise or in the cloud.
  • Development and customization of a flexible data ingestion framework based on the data pipeline architecture;
  • Establishing a well-designed process of data ingestion from prioritizing data sources to routing data items to the appropriate destination;
  • Enabling multiple source ingestion, continuous query, and improved ingestion speed.

Data Processing

  • A full cycle of data processing stages including data collection, transmission, transformation, decoding, storing, and retrieval;
  • Verifying data consistency and accuracy, checking validity of datasets;
  • Applying different techniques like streaming for distributed or in-memory data processing.

Data Analysis & Reporting

  • To improve quality and integrity of your data, we perform data analysis, its standardization, matching and merging;
  • Developing visually rich reporting system with further automation of metrics data updates from any source;
  • Data Science approach for pattern detection and predictive model development.

Migration to Big Data

  • Assessing technical readiness of your BI system for migration to the Big Data platform;
  • Analyzing an existing Data Warehouse infrastructure and ETLs;
  • Developing a migration strategy based on your business goals;
  • Smooth migration of a legacy BI system to a new Big Data platform on premise or in the cloud.

Predictive Analytics Services

Our strong expertise in Big Data and Data Science, including statistical analysis, data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning, allows us implementing Predictive Analytics solutions in different industries.

Business Values: Identifying potential product quality, conducting root cause analysis, effective workload management; reduced operational risks and maintenance costs, decreased churn and improved customer satisfaction.

  • .NET
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Cloud
  • Mobile Platforms

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