Blockchain Technology

Unlocking the business value of blockchain-powered networks

Looking for top blockchain development companies? Here’s a list of best blockchain development services with verified client reviews and ratings to assist you in selecting your trusted top blockchain developer. Blockchain development is an intriguing concept of being a distributed ledger of unalterable digitally recorded data. The blockchain technology was initially limited to protection of financial transactions being a global database that does not rely on a centralized administrator. But, with fresh case studies coming into the picture, the use of blockchain technology has emerged as a new horizon for I.T. business market. Hence, finding the perfect blockchain development resource for your business idea is now made easy by “TechSol Global ”

Why and where blockchain matters?

The future of business will rest on the foundation of the internet of value. Markets around the world are witnessing the emergence of a new stakeholder “prosumer” in many industries as the lines between producers and consumers of goods and services are blurred. A new asset class – ‘data’ is fundamentally transforming how value is created, captured and distributed.

These macro trends are leading the way to future business disruption. Blockchain and DLTs will enable enterprises to reshape the market landscape across suppliers, buyers, new entrants, governments, regulators.

The value derived from a shared, immutable, transparent ledger is applicable across the value chain and can be categorized as:

  • Enhanced operational efficiencies in multi-party exchanges
  • Improved traceability affecting risk, compliance and penalties
  • Potential revenue stream via new services powered by analytics

The promise of blockchain

Sustainability for environment | Sustainability for people | Sustainability for business

With the dynamic economic and geo-political circumstances worldwide, the overarching theme that threads the potential values derived from blockchain is “Sustainability”. Sustainability for the environment, sustainability for the people (producers and consumers) and sustainability for the businesses. When applied rightfully, blockchain can create a fairer economy and stable markets and governments. Blockchain is not to be looked at as a rip-and-replace technology but a foundational force integrated with new age digital technologies such as AI, ML, IoT.

Our approach to drive blockchain adoption

  • Identification and correlation of problems
    TechSol Global believes in empowering business leaders with the right tools to lead the future of business. The challenge at hand is identifying the right business problem and then correlating it across a market/industry.
  • Distribution of business value across ecosystem
    For the key stakeholders to onboard, it is imperative that business value is distributed across the ecosystem and every stakeholder can interpret the specific value blockchain brings to them.
  • Proof-of-concepts are not enough, the need of the hour is proof-of-business
    TechSol Global is aligning strategic investments, partnerships and solutions to simplify proof-of-business and drive wider adoption of blockchain. We have created well-defined IP based products, service-enabled solutions and solution accelerators in the four high-impact areas – financial services, insurance, supply chains, and government services. These tools are designed to help clients test business models and are not just limited to testing technology.


We help clients unlock the true business value of blockchain in their digital journey by accelerating ecosystem-wide adoption, enabling enterprise integration and innovating with next-gen technologies.

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  • PHP
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  • Cloud
  • Mobile Platforms

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